This is what I do.

Over 10 years of experience in Development, I have studied and utilized various platforms and technologies. I have gained experience especially on Mobile and Web Platforms.

I write Swift❤️ but retain a deep understanding of Objective-C. Any backend stuff is generally in PHP or Python.

I'm super into Functional Reactive Programming (ReactiveKit, ReactiveCococa, Rx), and it's uses combined with Swift are continuing to blow my mind every day.

I use AutoLayout, the MVVM pattern (actually, MVVM-C of late), Storyboards when appropriate, etc.

As a founder of London based IT company, I am currently providing Mobile services to my clients all around the world.

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“Ahmet and I have known each other for a long time as a colleague and as a friend. He has always been a dedicated employee who did his works with good feedbacks and right on time. And he has always been so motivated about learning the new technologies and applying it effectively. I have always happy to work with him, and i am sure you will feel the same when you will have the chance to work with him.”
—Serhat Çevik, Senior Software Developer at Luscii
“Mr. Alsan has worked on programming and development assignments for us on multiple occasions; Ahmet showed excellent development and communication skills. On a personal level, his is analytical and creative minded, good at problem solving and he is passionate about his work, which are all qualities that proved extemely valuable and cruial to the postivie outcome of the projects he led.”
—Davide Bianca, Head Of Entertainment at UNIT9 / FWA Judge
“I have known Ahmet Alsan in a variety of capacities for many years. We have worked together for the past several years for many projects. Ahmet is efficient, detail-oriented and extremely competent. He often successfully finishes a project well before the deadline. He is extremely organized, and never forgets an assignment.”
—Murat Kader, Path Internet / Co-Founder
“Ahmet takes his work very seriously and regularly enrolled to stay abreast of the newest developments in programming. Although Ahmet is an excellent team member and works in coordination with rest of the team. He encourages other team members to achieve their targets.”
—İlter Sağ, ModaCruz / VP Engineering